The name Bjornovic came up in 1990. At that time I used to play soccer with a couple of friends. To make it more fun, we decided to replay some World Cup matches. Although we weren't good at remembering the player's names, we changed our names into theirs. When we didn't know any names we'd make them up ourselves. When I played for our "virtual Yougoslavian" team our names all ended with "ovic". So they called me Bjornovic. Beam me up, Scottie!

I liked the name and started using it for all kinds of games. Every highscore list was filled with scores by Bjornovic.At one point I got the rank of captain in some game. Captain Bjornovic sounded even cooler than Bjornovic alone. I gave up my title when somebody thought I was an overactive Trekkie who wanted to be the captain of a starship. I like Star Trek, but the first one to force me into wearing a Starfleet uniform will be shot with a faser!

Beam me up, Scottie!

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