Welcome to TIEPvoud

You must wonder what the hell is going on here! It's very simple. My name is Bjorn Franke and this is my e-zine. The reason why you probably don't understand a word of this website is because it is written in Dutch!

I started TIEPvoud in august of 1999. At that time I had not done anything special with my domain. Throughout the years I looked for the perfect personal website and I kept changing its format every now and then. I got fed up and decided it should be an e-zine. If I wanted to do anything special, I'd put it in my ezine! Instead of turning my website upside (upsite?) down.

My very own e-zine is basicly my own newsgroup. It isn't a forum for my opinion on all kinds of stuff, but more of an creative outlet online. You will not only find column-like pieces, but homemade graphics as well.
The name TIEPvoud is dutch for typo. But it is written wrongly, so it is wrong twice! (like typing "taipoh").

I do not think I will start a full scale english site. Because, I'm not very creative in english. I may start a site on wallpapers in the future. Thank God images speak for themselves. So this site will be for enlgish speakers as well.

I won't forget you,

Bjorn Franke

Copyright Bjorn Franke 1999

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